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Instantly verify merchant info from trusted sources

Info is checked against multiple sources such as IRS, USPS, DMV, bank records, and Google Places. Any info that doesn’t exactly match is highlighted for quick evaluation by underwriters.
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Improve quality of decisions

Underwriters receive completed applications, with merchant info and verifications displayed on one screen for easy comparison. No more switching between numerous tabs. Underwriters now spend their time making quality decisions and complete more applications.
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Secure, easy digital forms for Merchants

Merchant forms are designed to save time and increase accuracy and completion. Sensitive info is protected and the sales agent no longer needs to be involved with handling forms.

Send quick messages that help teams work well together

Streamlined messaging – including smart and friendly pre-filled content suggestions – makes communication a breeze. Quickly get the information needed, and limit the conversation to whomever you choose.
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Action history is tracked and available for review

All logins, messages, edits, signatures and more are tracked. Every step of the application is reviewable and auditable by the appropriate party.
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Keep track of company, team, and individual progress and performance

Analytics are available at many levels. Find stand out performers and opportunities for improvement.
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Why Autoboard?

Advanced KYC
Over 50 automated verifications with each application, including TIN, EIN, Bank, Legal, SSN, and Drivers License make KYC easy.
Built for CDD
Stay ahead of Beneficial Ownership regulation with Autoboard's efficient application flow for adding owners as needed.
Autoboard's bank account verification includes account balance and past 90 days of transactions, so you can make decisions with confidence.

Hey there, innovator.
We have an early customer program.

We’re bringing Autoboard, the merchant onboarding optimization platform, to market in 2018 and are seeking partners to join our early customer program and be among the first to optimize their merchant onboarding process.

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