Easy deal flow every time.
For the first time.
Integrated with IRIS CRM
Easily import deals from IRIS CRM to Autoboard.
Allow Autoboard to instantly underwrite deals and send updates back to IRIS.
It's simple. Save more time. Make more money.
Upgrading the
way you do
Verifying merchant information can be difficult work! Communication hurdles, verification road blocks, and repetitive data entry all prohibit an underwriter from quickly onboarding a new merchant. Upgrade your underwriting and onboarding with Autoboard!

Autoboard supercharges your underwriting staff, avoids the bottlenecks that lose customers, and provides a more thorough risk evaluation than even traditional underwriting methods.
Is Autoboard right for you?
Autoboard for Merchant Services
Get each merchant onto the right platform. Autoboard supports multiple applications for multiple Wholesale ISOs and Sponsor Banks. Reduce the back-and-forth on application forms with inline validation and intelligent quality assurance to clean up deals before sending to the Wholesale ISO.
Unified deal intake from Retail ISOs, CRMs, and ISVs., for both inside and outside sales. Analytics, reports, and messaging both internally and throughout your partner hierarchy.
Deal Management is complicated. Autoboard makes it easy.
Easily integrate Autoboard into your decisioning process, whether via API or our web dashboard. With a multitude of cross-verifications, you can rest assured that your sub-merchants have been fully vetted.
Collect and analyze everything you need in a single pane of glass.
Find out who the beneficial owners are for the business you are underwriting
Layered integrations with 3rd-parties cross-check data to validate and verify
Dynamic applications are created based on the merchant you are underwriting
Don’t let underwriting
slow you down.
Autoboard saves you time to drive productivity.
Faster, simpler, & smarter underwriting.
Your back office never looked so good.
Our API delivers
tremendous value
to enterprises.
For larger enterprises and basement developers alike, the Autoboard API integrates easily with complex infrastructure requirements.
Go Live in
7 Simple Steps
From your demo date to your “Go Live” date, we work with you at every stage of the process to ensure that Autoboard works perfectly with your internal applications. It’s pain-free onboarding for pain-free underwriting!
Collect and analyze electronic signatures for your forms quickly and easily.
Invite individuals to complete parts of a deal via SMS or email.
Request, upload, manage, and approve documents for every deal.
Add, remove, and manage team members. Role-based access keeps your deals secure.
Add Deals
Start new deals in one minute or less. Faster deals means more deals.
Add-On Marketplace
Use one of several add-ons built-in to Autoboard, or create your own via our API.
Bank Accounts
Verify the bank account ownership and details of your clients.
Web Presence
View your customers' web footprint in an instant.
Different applications for different deals? Absolutely!
Have an existing suite of software? Integrate Autoboard into your flow through our API.
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